Volume 195 (March 2010)


2010 Edition. Full Color. 108 Pages.

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The Need for Innovation EV Designs!

What Happened to the Lexus LFA? – Interview With Lexus Design Chief Kango Matsumoto

North American International Auto Show 2010

Glimmer of Electric Light Beyond Recession Tunnel?

How to Ride Out the Changing Times?

Panel Discussion: 的s There a Future for Car Design?・br>
The Winds Blow in From Asia: Hyundai Design

Hyundai Soars to Future

The Winds Blow in From Asia: New Delhi Auto Expo 2010

Hopes for the Development of Unique Products ・India痴 High Market Potential

The Winds Blow in From Asia: Perodua Design – The Forces of Evolution Support Rapid Progress

Daihatsu Tanto EXE – Making Quality Use of the Spacious Interior

Sketches for a Next Generation Harmony – Portfolio of Norihiko Kawaoka

Car Designers and Employment – Career assistance for designers from Auto vision

*Memories of Looking for a Job and the Education of Student Today

*I Graduated in Transportation, but Then What?

News & Topics

*C&T Design Meeting

*NID-TOOLS鱈 Design Modeling Workshop

*Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC 2010

*4th TOYO TIRES Design Contest

*LRT Design Contest 2009

*Tokai Rika Industry-university Joint Project


*Ecodesign by Pros and Future Pros Exhibit 2009

*Peugeot Lion Becomes More Elegant / Faurecia Goes 鼎lean・br>
Traditonal Lacquerware Crafting and Rhinoceros – Backing a Traditional Japanese Art With CAD

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics – The Next Step

Why Was the Tokai University Solar Car Team Victorious?

The Tokai Challenger in WSC 2009 and the Change of the Body Design

The Theme: 溺ulti-tiered Design・/b> – ICSID World Design Congress Singapore

Japan University / College Car Design Competition

Announcing the Final Results of the 摘V Tokyo Taxi・br>
Grand Prize Goes to Keio University!

my PORTFOLIO by Kelly Bremer

Protective Headgear Project – Art Center College of Design

The Luge at the Vancouver Olympics – Fusing State of-the-art Technology With Art on Ice

my PORTFOLIO by Chris Vella

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