Volume 193 (November 2009)


2009 Edition. Full Color. 108 Pages.

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Evs Are not All There Is! The Need for a Comprehensive Viewpoint

IAA 2009 The Europiean EV Design

Hybrid Vehicles:

*BMW Vision Effcient Dynamics

*Volkswagen(VW) L1

*Lexus LF-Ch

*Citroen REVOLTE

*Hyundai ix-METRO

Pure Electric Vehicles:

*Audi e-Iron

*Peugeot BB1

*Volkswagen (VW) E-UP!

*Renault Z.E. Concepts

*Trabant nT

*Tesla MODEL S

*Reva NXG

*Reva NXR


*Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster

IAA 2009 Other Remarkable Models

*Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


*MINI Cooper Concept & ROADSTER Concept

*Marussia B2

*Citroen C3

*Citroen DS3

*Peugeot RCZ

*Peugeot 5008/iOn

International Automobil-Ausstellung: Green Cars Take on Increasingly Realism in Europe

IAA 2009 Sedan Innovation

*Rolls-Royce GHOST


*Aston Martin RAPIDE

*Jaguar XJ

*Audi S5 Sportback

*Renault FLUENCE

*Saab 9-5

IAA and Stunttgart Tour Report

Porshe PANAMERA – A Naturally Born and Controversial Sucess

*Interview With Michael Mauer Porsche Dierctor od Design

Highlights of the Panamera’s Development

Honda STEPWAGN/SPADA – Creating Functions and Space Meeting the Excepctations of Families

Daihatsu Mira COCOA – Relaxed Cutness

my PORTFOLIO by Steve Wilcox

The Challenge to Develop an International K Car – 2

Proposal for the Basic Eco Car

News & Topics

Good Design Expo 2009

First Japan University / College Car Design Competition “Tokyo EV Taxi”

Phiaro Design Challenge 2009: On the Eve of the 41st Tokyo Motor Show

Tokai University Aims at World Champion With Its New Solar Car!

How Would You Use One? – The “U3-X”, Honda’s Electric Unicycle

A Lancia Powerboat, in Martini Colors!

OUROBOROS – A Righteous Hero Born in a Local Shop

Technological Progress and the Designs of Headlights – Personality in Addiction to Function

Sustainable Aerodynamic Design for Automobiles – 8

Techniques for Optimizing the Shapes of Details – 2

Sanyo ENELOOP UNIVERSE – Examining the Desings of Products That Recylce Energy

Casio EDFICE EQW-M1000 – A Chronograph Watch With a Breakthrough Design

my PORTFOLIO by Martin Hansson

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