Volume 192 (September 2009)


2009 Edition. Full Color. 108 Pages.

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”Respect-worthy Companies” in California

Considerations on How Business Should be in the Future

Jaguar XJ – A Sustainable Saloon With a Progressive British Fragrance

Designs Next Generation Cars

Nissan LEAF – Towards the Launch of the World’s First Mass-produced EV

Mindset – A New Sense of Values in an EV

Dacia DUSTER – A New Generation Crossover Concept for Young People

Satoshi Wada Speaks on Why He Left Audi

What Is the Mission for the Designer That the Time Changing?

CST Research Studio

The Challenge to Develop an International K Car

Aiming at Building Cars on a Human Level

The Challenge of Designing a MINI for 2020

From the Hongik University (Korea) World Class University Program

Interview With Hongik University Professor Lee Keun

The Aims of the World Class University Project

Interview With Pininfarina SpA Chairman Paolo Pininfarina

The Next Generation of Cars Must Still Be Fun to Drive

Nissan SKYLINE CROSSOVER – New Value for a Luxury SUV Coupe

Lexus HS250h – A New Breed of Premium Sedan

Mazda Axela/Mazda 3 – Prologue to the “Nagare” Concept

News & Topics

BMW Reveals Its New Wind Tunnel Facilities

170milliom Invested Towards Achieving Top Aerodynamic Efficency

GALLERY – Citroen DS 23: A spaceship in field of grass by Khomei Hanaoka

Differences of Design Decision on Product Design Development Through Comparative Research on Japanese, European and American Automobile Industries

Sustainable Aerodynamic Design for Automobiles – 7

Techniques for Optimizing the Shapes of Details – 1

Electric Vehicle Now: 01

The Evolution of Batteries and Changes in the Market Are Propelling the EV Forward, but Problems Remain

Olympus PEN E-P1 – A Family Name Revived in the Digital Age

my PORTFOLIO by Park Hyung-Mo

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