Volume 186 (September 2008)


2008 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • Honda OSM – Investigation for a Simple, Open Sports Car
  • Newly Refurbished BMW Museum Opens!
  • BMW GINA LVM – Exercises in Mental Flexibility and Curiosity Beyond Stereotypes
  • Alfa Romeo MiTo – Behind the Appearance of a Sexy Entry Model
  • Congratulations to ITALDESIGN on Its 40th Anniversary!
  • Lancia DELTA – A Premium Hatchback With a Meticulous Design
  • BMW X6 – Another Controversial Model – Is Its Design a Success?
  • Bentley GTZ by Zagato
    • A Talk with Chief Designer Norihiko Harada
    • The Secret Story Behind the Development of the Bentley GTZ
    • A Job That Puts One’s Love for Cars and Understanding of History to Test
  • Infiniti FX – Nissan’s Ambitions for the Next Generation
  • Nissan TEANA – The Great Mission of the Second Generation
  • Subaru EXIGA – Betting on a 7-Seater Station Wagon
  • Mazda BIANTE – A Sensible and Capable Mid-size Minivan
    • Minivans on the Japanese Market 2008
  • Phiaro “P70 EVolution” – A Showcase of Phiaro’s Development Capabilities
  • Japan and Italy to Jointly Propose Vehicles for the Future
  • Honda DN-01 – An Automatic Transmission Motorcycle That Creates a New Category
  • Richard Pietruska, Car Sculptor
  • WACOM Rendering Seminar, Part 17 – Designing a Sustainable New Generation PINTO
  • Sustainable Aerodynamic Design for Automobiles, Part 2
    • The History of Aerodynamic Design

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