Volume 179 (July 2007)


2007 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • The President Talks on Design at His Company, Part 5 – Hisakazu Imaki, Mazda President
    • The Success of an “Interested but not Interfering” Attitude
  • Villa d’Este 2007 Concorso d’Eleganza – A Festival of the Most Beautiful Automobiles
    • Simon Kidston – The Man Who Runs the Show
    • Toyota 2000GT Participates in the Villa d’Este for the First Time
  • Auto Shanghai 2007 – Much Activity on the Part of Chinese and German Companies, Japanese, Korean and Others Play Secondary Roles
    • BMW Concept CS
    • Buick RIVIERA
    • Other Concepr Cars
    • Production Cars
    • What Are Imitation Designs So Common in the Chinese Car Industry?
  • Tour Report – A Trip to Auto Shanghai and Xi’an
  • Lexus at the Milan Design Week
    • Examining not Cars but the True Value of Design Philosophy
  • Maserati GRANTURISMO – Born After a Difficult Delivery
  • Lorenzo Ramaciotti Appointed Vice President of Design for Fiat
  • Shoichiro Toyoda Inducted Into the U.S. Automotive Hall of Fame! Along With Sergio Pininfarina and Three Others
  • BAW WARRIOR – The Icon of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army
  • Isuzu ELF / FORWARD vs. Nissan ATLAS / CABSTAR
    • Examining the New Strategies and Trends for Small Trucks
  • What Most Concerns Us About Japanese Car Design Today
    • Design of the Mazda CX-7
  • Close-up: Key Designer – Geoff Upex on British Design
  • The Life and Work or Montreal Designer Paul Deutschman
  • Symposium: “Considering the Future of Humanity and Technology From the Design Perspective”
    • Organized by the Design Division of the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers
  • WACOM Rendering Seminar, Part 10
    • Drawing Bright Objects and Highlight
  • The “ICTD”, a Sino-Japanese University-Industry Joint Project, proposed by Iris Ohyama

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