Volume 176 (January 2007)


2007 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • The President Talks on Design at His Company, Part 2 – Dr. Hiroshi Tsuda, Suzuki President
    • The “Tsuda Style” of Presidency: Giving Directions Right on the Site of Development
  • 2007 LA Auto Show Flash! Design Challenge
  • Auto China 2006
    • Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
    • China Steadily Accumulates Design Capabilities
  • 2006 Mondial de l’Automobile
    • The Concept Cars and the Latest Trends in Europe
    • Ford IOSIS X
    • Volkswagen IROC
    • Pre-Production Cars
    • Production Cars
  • Automobile Colors at the Paris Motor Show
  • New Mini: What’s New About It?
    • From National Mini Cooper Day, June 11, 2006
      • Great Fun Painting and Customizing Minis
  • Eight New K Cars in Japan
  • Japan Car Design Award 2006-2007 Round-table Discussions
    • Congratulations to the Mitsubishi “i” and Lexus LS460!
  • Images of Cadillac – Cadillac-LaSalle Club
  • Aiming at an Environmentally-friendly Forklift – Toyota L&F Concept Models
  • Japan Automotive Hall of Fame (JAHFA) for 2006
    • Five People From Four Different Fields Recognized
  • EVS-22: Probing the Possibilities for a Next Generation Electric Vehicle
  • 2006 Yulon Nissan Auto Design Contest
    • Designing the Future Award: “Next Generation Crossover MPV”
  • Obu Industry and Culture Festival
    • “Car of Dreams”: Exhibit of Vehicles Thought up by Children
  • RJC Car of the Year Award Goes to the Mitsubishi “i”
    • Suzuki President Hitoshi Tsuda Named Person of the Year
  • 4th Ecodesign by Pros and Future Pros Exhibit
    • Proposals for the Next Generation: the “Four Rs”
  • Investigating the Future of the Ignition Key
    • Tokai Rika Holds a Joint Project With Two Universities
  • WACOM Rendering Seminar, Part 7
    • Flash Sketching Technique

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