Volume 167 (July 2005)


2005 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • The Return of Color – GM on Color Offensive
  • Come Primal Milan Design Week – Japanese Participants Show Spirit at the “Fuori Salone”
  • 2005 Shanghai Auto Show – The Chinese Automobile Industry Is Growing Steadily
    • PATAC ALA.s
    • Honggi HQD
    • Tianjin FAW C1/D1
    • Chery Motors S16/M14
    • Studio X-GENE “X-COUPE”
    • TJ Innova Engineering & Technology LIGHTNING
    • Other Concept Cars
  • Shanghai Motor Show Tour – 7 Days for 4 in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou
  • Scion “t2B” – A Concept Targeting Young People Revealed in New York
  • Fiat CROMA – Hoping for a Revival After 11 Years
    • From the Fiat Croma to the Italdesign “8ttoV”
  • Examining Designs of New Japanese Cars
    • Nissan SERENA vs. Honda STEP WGN – Can One of These Two Beat the Invincible Toyota?
    • Suzuki ESCUDO – Great Leaps Forward for the Third Generation
    • Daihatsu HIJET / ATRAI – Contributing to Market Share Through a Solid Product Character
  • Nissan Diesel “Quon” – The Symbol of a Turnaround
  • Odakyu Romance Car VSE, Part 2: An Architect’s Wisdom Applied to Interior Design
  • AirCraft Interiors Expo 2005
    • Airbus A380, a “Flying Double-decker”
  • 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan – The Significance of the “Ai-Chaku Haku” Where You Can Have Fun as You Learn
    • Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association “Dream Vehicle Project” – Students Draw Visions of the Future
  • Shifting Winds in Detroit
    • Why Design in Coming Alive in Detroit
  • CCS / Ford Project – The Assignment: “Redesign the Next Generation Ford Ranger”
  • University of Cincinnati Industrial Design Program Enjoys Strong Popularity for Its Professional Practice Education
  • On the Site of Industrial Design Education – A Workshop Conveying the Foundations
  • Tetsuson 2005: The Joint Exhibit of Final Graduation Projects held for Its 5th Time
  • Email from Palos Verdes, Part 11 – Towards the “Age of Wisdom” Part 2: Expectations for the New Generation of Pickup Trucks
  • Quick Reference Digital Design, Part 24 – Alias ImageStudio 2 and Portfolio Wall 2
  • Modeling with Rhino, Part 7
    • Chapter 3: Generating the Surfaces of the Details and Modeling the Parts

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