Volume 156 (September 2003)


2003 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • Photo Gallery Khomei Hanaoka/Lamborghini Countach LP400
  • AUTOart: cars as design object
  • Modarte – A Turinese Model Developer Now in the Limelight
  • BMW 5 Series – The Potential of the New “Business Class” Model
  • Interview with Walter De Silva/The New Directions of Audi Design
  • Examining the Designs of New Japanese Cars, Part 14
    • Mitsubishi GRANDIS
    • Subaru LEGACY
    • Honda INSPIRE
  • A Rapidly Growing New Category in the U.S., Cross/Utility Vehicles
  • Leap Automotive Seat by Johnson Controls
  • Aero-Train – An Ultra-low Energy Consuming Ground Effect Vehicle
  • Quick Reference Digital Design, Part 13: Sketch-like Expressions (Filter Effect)
  • Toshi Kuroyanaghi’s Design Review, Part 10 – Opel VECTRA GTS
  • RCA-Toyota Project “Vibrant Clarity-an SUV for the Y-Generation”
  • 5th Mitsubishi Motors International Design Competition/Grand Prize Goes to Andrey Basmanov!
  • TCA-Toyota Project/Presentations Making Full Use of Digital Tools
  • “Stilemi” – Analysis of the Roots of Styling, as in Maserati- Part 2
  • OMNI Design and Ascari KZ1
    • A Specialist Supporting Car Companies From the Shadows
  • The Art of Design, Part 1 – How Digital Tools Improve the Design-to-Tooling Process at Saab

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