Volume 148 (May 2002)


2002 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • 72e Salon International De I’auto Geneva – Innovation From Luxury Models to Small Cars
    • Italdesign-Giugiaro BRERA
    • Peugeot RCs
    • Venturi FETISH
    • Bertone NOVANTA
    • Rinspeed PRESTO
    • Rover TCV
    • Nissan YANYA
    • Fioravanti YAK
    • Tata INDIVA
    • Toyota UUV
    • BMW CS1
    • Other Concept Models
    • Mercedes-Benz E-Class, CLK
    • Renault ESPACE
    • Sevelnord Minivans
    • Other Production Models
  • Canadian International Auto Show – Spring in Toronto Starts with an Auto Show
    • CIAS World Automotive Design Competition/Nick Malacowski(ACCD) Wins!
    • Panel Discussion/How Have Crossover Vehicles Affected Designers?
  • “THESIS”, the New Lancia Flagship
    • Why the Turin Motor Show Was Cancelled?
    • Beat Hopes for the “Autonext” Exhibition
  • Examining the Designs of New Japanese Cars, Part 6 – The 3rd Generation March and the 2nd Generation Forester
  • Nissan to Establish a New Design Center in London
  • RCA/Nissan Project——The Assignment: “A Compact Car for 2010”
  • Reflecting on the Use and Forms of Automobiles – Six Universities From Around the World Gather in Pforzheim
  • Mitsubishi Motors International Design Competition 2002/First Prize Goes to Yoshihiro Ishida!
  • For Participants in the International Car Design Competition 2003 – Basic Information About Fuel Cells
  • Former “FJ King” Stanguellini and His Museum
  • Minimalism and Transparent Design
  • Toshi Kuroyanaghi’s Design Review, Part 5 – Suzuki LAPIN and Honda THAT’S
  • Quick Reference Digital Design, Part 5: Editing Lines
  • Compact 3D Measuring Device Are Now Easier to Use
  • TCA/Suzuki Project – Design Development Using Rhinoceros
  • Rhino Car Design School, Part 2 – 3D Sketch
  • Johnson Controls/Automotive Systems Group – When Giant Parts Suppliers Change the Automobile

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