Volume 137 (July 2000)


2000 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • Chrysler PT CRUISER and Motor Transportation Museum
  • Motor Transportation Museum
  • Acura MDX and CL – Two New American Designs From Honda’s U.S. Premium Division
  • Hyundai HCD5 CROSSTOUR – A Proposal for Today, Not Tomorrow
  • Toyota OPA and RAV4 – Fills Out Its Non-sedan Lineup
  • Mitsubishi Lancer CEDIA
  • Bova MAGIQ – From “the Future” to “Magic”! A New Dutch Bus
  • Isuzu ERGA/ERGAmio – A Fixed-route Bus Renewed for the First Time in 16 Years
  • Mitsubishi Motors International Design Competition 2000 Results
  • Calling for Ideas for Easy-to-make, Easy-to-use Everyday Products! – Entries Being Accepted for the “International Design Competition ’00 Kainan”
  • Sony Mockups Revealed for the First Time – The Process of Giving Form to Virtual Ideas
  • New Series: Parts Determine the Designs of Cars!, Part 1 – The Eloquence of the Radiator Grille
  • Enrico Fumia: Step by Step, His Dreams Become Reality
    • The Fabulous ’60s/The ’70s: the Pininfarina dreams comes/The ’80s: “ero sum pinin-fumia”
    • The beginning of the ’90s: The Pininfarina dream shatters! /The ’90s: a “surprise” named Lancia
    • The present: at the dawn of the year 2000/The next future : Dreams in a drawer
    • Master Design International (MDI)
  • Photoshop Course, Digital Design College – Techniques of Expression in 2D
  • The Essence of Yoshihiro Inomoto Technical Art – The Appeal of Rough Sketches

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