Volume 132 (September 1999)


1999 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • OPINION – The Need for Considerations for Safety / Operability of Car Audio Equipment
  • Jaguar S-Type – New Breed of “Green-blooded” Cat
  • Tribute to Geoff Lawson, Director Styling Jaguar Cars Ltd.
  • WL GRAND CHEROKEE and COMMANDER Fuel-cell Concept Jeep – Today and Tomorrow
  • Mitsubishi ECLIPSE – A Geo-mechanical Design Proposal
  • Will the Bold Changes of Image on Japanese Cars Succeed?
    • Nissan CEDRIC/GLORIA, Nissan SERENA and Mazda MPV
  • TECHNOTOPICS – 105 km on 3 Liters! The Ultra-low Fuel Consumption Technologies on the Honda “Insight”
  • Personal Mobility 2050
    • World’s Car Designers Offer Their Visions of the Future : What Type of Cars Do They Want to Drive in 2050?
    • International Car Design Competition 2000: Interim Result
    • Works Pass the Preliminaries
    • Have Participants Drawn Vision of Transportation in the Future?
    • (Roundtable) How Do the Judges of the ICDC View Personal Mobility in 2050?
  • Aftermaket Design Research, Part 6 – Alligator – Taking on the World Market, Changing the Japanese Market
  • Aftermaket Design Research – Xenon and Wings West
  • Dominating the West Coast Customizing
  • AAC Industrial Design Studios – An Up-and-coming Design School in San Francisco
    • Interview with Director Jeff Teague – “I Want to Stress the Process Rather Than the Results”
  • CCS Thesis Project – The Toyota Range in the Year 2008
    • A Passionate, Stimulating Class
  • DESIGN WATCH – On Sunny Days, Ride Your Bike! – Honda’s Power Unit and Battery Replacement System
  • Designer Creativity Course, Part 8 – Examining the Package and Body Structure
  • PORTFOLIO – Minitta 50 – The Automobile as a Vehicle of the Heart
  • Letters to the Car Manufacturers – Mr. Yoshikazu Hanawa, President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Shade Department, Digital Design College, Part 6 – Modeling Exercise, Part 5: Filling in the Mockup
  • BUGATTI: Art and Technology
    • The “EB 118” and “EB 218”, A New Starting Point

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