Volume 127 (November 1998)


1998 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Volvo S80 – Volvo’s Design Statement for New Millennium

· MÖBIUS & CATDCI Announces Another Independent Project

· Honda Euro ACCORD – Developed for and Built in Europe

· Honda HR-V – A “Fun-creating Car” for Young People

· Daihatsu MIRA, MOVE and TERIOS KID – A new Evolution for the K Car

· Design Strategy Mitsubishi’s Office of Car Strategy

o Interview with Vice Corporate General Manager, Hideaki Yoshizawa

· Car of the Century

o General Votin for the COTC Begins – 10 Cars to Be Chose Over the Internet!

· Aftermarket Design Strategy

o ABFLUG, Celebrating Its First Decade, Sets a New Goal – The World Market


o Environment Measure Finally on a Roll; However…

· DESIGN TRIANGLE – Designing Travel Experience

o Heathrow Express – Evolution of Rolling Stock

o Hong Kong Airport Express – Importance of 3-dimensional Identity

· TOPICS/Honda S2000 Prototype Debut!

· Designer Creativity Course

o Idea Development Method

· Conventry University Degree Show


o NEC EUROMINT – Proposing a New Sound Environment

· Letters to Car Manufacturers

o Mr. Katsuhiko Kawasoe, President, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

· Digital Design College Starts! – Revealing Simple Modeling Techniques Using Shade

· Shade Department, Digital Design College

o introduction of Desk-top Car Design by Shade

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