Volume 126 (September 1998)


1998 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Design Philosophy of RR

o Pursuit of Elegance and Purity of Line

§ Rolls-Royce SILVER SERAPH and Bentley ARNAGE

· Toyota VISTA/ARDEO – A leader in Sedan Innovation Is Born!

o The Starting Point of Toyota’s Next Generation Seats

· aXcess Australia – The Future of the Automobile as Proposed by the Parts Industry

§ Millard Design Australia – Secret to International Success

§ Australia’s Automotive Parts Industry – A Unique Technology Background

· Foden ALPHA Truck – Way of Expressing a Tradition

· Opel ASTRA – A Challenge to Class-dominating Golf

· From California, With Emotion

o HONDA R&D AMERICAS’ Two Concept Cars


o A Wealth of New Models Despite the Recession

· Design Strategies Managing Director, Martin Leach, on the Design Strategy of Mazda

o “Competitive Products Are Realized by a Clear Vision”

· International Car Design Competition ’99

o Interim Result/28 Works Pass the preliminaries

§ Good Efforts and Misunderstandings

· AUTO CHINA ’98 & Car Styling Design Symposium

o CAR FOR CHINA” Project Sponsored by Daimler-Benz

§ Beijing Academy of Arts and Design Student Project

· From This Point on, It’s Fitting Design/From Japan Institute of Design/9th JD Forum

· Exhibitions at the Design Museum-London/”The Real David Mellor” and “The Works of Charles and Ray Earnes”

· What is Alias / Wavefront? – The Truth About This Much Talked About Application

· Designer Creativity Course What Is an Innovative Design?

· Honda Looks to Pratt Transportation Design Students for Their New Generation Model

· Fiat Sponsors Design Schools Projects

o Youthful Ideas Displayed at the “Design Show”


o Revitalizing the Tokyu Setagaya Line – Proposal for Introducing the LRT System

· Aftermarket Design Research

o Product Strategy of DAMD – Self Expression That Has Taken the Market by Storm

· Letters to Car Manufacturers

o Mr. Jürgen Schrempp, Chairman, Daimler-Benz and Mr. Robert Eaton, Chairman, Chrysler Corporation

· BUGATTI: Art and Technology Questions, Proposals, Fragments

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