Volume 123 (March 1998)


1998 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· 10th North American International Auto Show

o Is There Anything New Under the Sun?

§ Concept Cars

§ Near Production Concept

§ Technology Concept

§ Production

· Tribute to Jack Telnack “People’s Designer”

· Car Design Award 1997-1998 Award Ceremony/Golden Marker Presented to Mr. Jack Telnack

· Talking With J Mays, Ford’s New Design Vice President

o “Future Lies in Strengthening Company Philosophy and Brand Identity”

· Car Design Starts From the Frame: As Demonstrated by the Toyota Prius

· Nissan CUBE – Exploring the Functionality of a New Generation Basic Car

· Mazda ROADSTER/MX-5/MIATA – Does the New Model Surpass Its Great Predecessor?

· Daihatsu STÒRIA – Reconfirming the Value of a 1-liter Car

· Daihatsu X070 ”NAKED”: Its Aims and Development

· Why Was the New Beetle Absent From the Mexico Car Show?

· International Car Design Competition ‘98/Final Result

o Good Ideas and Interesting Proposals

· ICDC ‘99

o Accepting Entries for the ICDC ‘99/Theme: “Eco-conscious Sports Vehicle”

· Tokyo Auto Salon 98 – The Situation of Japan’s Customizing Industry

· Side Jobs of Car Maker’s Design Departments

o Alfa Romeo’s Image Strategy

o VW Design Flaunts Its Design Skills

· Sony’s “Multimedia Car”

· Interview With Sony PMC President, Masao Morita “We Try to Respond to People’s Seamless Desires”

· Letter to Car Manufacturers/Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, President, Toyota Motor Company

· Good-by, MacMinn

· Method of Low-cost Digital Design

o Chapter 2/3D-CAD Design-Part 1

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