Volume 116 (January 1997)


1997 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Car Design Award 1996-1997

o Congratulations! Honda S-MX, Ford Ka, Mitsubishi Galant

· Ford KA – Changing the Company’s Image

· Fiat PALIO – A World Car With a New Concept

· VW PASSAT – Aiming at Establishing a New Standard for German Medium-sized Car

· Mondial de l’Automobile 1996 – More New Products and Politics at the Mondial

o Citroën Berlingo BULLE/COUPE DE PLAGE


o Heuliez INTRUDER

o Alfa Romeo NUVOLA

o Mercedes-Benz F 200 IMAGINATION

o Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center of Japan

§ Mercedes-Benz’ Far East Trend Observation Post

o The High Spirits of European Manufacturers – Designers’ Impression of the Paris Show

o Observation Tour to Scandinavia and the Paris Motor Show


o 360 People Assemble at the Opera

· Honda S-MX – The Victory of Flexible and Bold Planning

· Honda LOGO – A New Start for a Tallboy Hatchback

· Honda PRELUDE – An Elegant Coupe with Adult Taste

· Toyota NOAH – The New Generation LiteAce and TownAce

· Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward “Bespoke” Program

o Regenerating the Feeling of Coachbuilding

· The Creation of New Communities in the United States/Part II

· HONDA ICVS Awards/Design Contest “An ICVS for My Community”

· NEC’s Assignment to Hong Kong Polytechnic University

o Electronic Equipment Suited to Life in Hong Kong

· Isuzu GALA – The Point of Contact Between Diversification and Standardization for Sightseeing Buses


o “SAMSUNG”, the Unknown Giant – Company Philosophy and Design Strategy

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