Volume 114 (September 1996)


1996 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • Intelligent Community Vehicle System
  • HONDA ICVS Awards/Design Contest “An ICVS for My Community”
  • International Car Design Competition ’97 Interim Result – 46 Works Pass the Preliminaries : Final Judging Scheduled for January 9
  • Audi A3 – A Premium Class Car in the Popular Segment
  • Fiat MAREA & Marea WEEKEND – Fiat Completes Its Middle Class Range
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK – An All-weather 2-seater Roadster
  • RVI PREMIUM – Major Change for Renault Vehicules lndustriels
  • Toyota CARINA – Wagering on the Revival of “the Sporty One”
  • Mitsubishi CHALLENGER
  • Mario Maioli, Back From Car Industry to Modern Art
  • On the Site of Industrial Design Education, Part 3 – “Sun” and “Chalk”
    • The Urban Design College‘s Attempts on the Theme of “Creating Ideas”
  • PORTFOLIO – To the Children of the Multimedia Age
  • Honda Valkyrie – A Mega Custom Bike Created by Honda’s Non-conformists
    • Martin Manchester – The Quiet Designer with American Passion
  • Matsuda Research and Development – A Studio Practicing Design With a Firm Basis in Technical Development
  • The Styling Legacy of E.L. Cord: Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg

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