Volume 113 (July 1996)


1996 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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  • 66° Salone Internazionale dell’Automobile Torino
    • Bravo & Brava Specials
    • Pininfarina ETA BETA
    • Maggiora Barchetta COUPE and Barchetta TROFEO
    • Stola DEDICA
    • Fioravanti NYCE
    • Opac Spider PIU
    • Bonetto Design MIKI
    • Ghia SAETTA and ALPE
    • Production Models
    • Growing Expectations and Importance – Designers’ Impressions of the Turin Show
    • Styling Forum – Designers Anticipate Automobiles of the Year 2000
  • An Observation Tour to London, Southern Italy and the Turin Motor Show
  • Nissan CIMA – Now Promoted to Flagship Status
  • Toyota IPSUM – A Multi-use Vehicle Playing Three Distinct Roles
  • Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO – Aiming at Becoming a Best Seller on the Domestic Market as Well
  • Honda STEP WGN – A “One-room Car” With Emphasis on “Lifestyle Performance”
  • Early Stepvans: Truck of the Trade
  • Daihatsu MIDGET II – The Revival of the Small Lot Delivery Vehicle
    • The First Midget and Its Background – From “The 60-year History of Daihatsu”
    • Atsushi Chiku – A Designer Who Helped Design the Original Midget
  • Mitsubishi SUPER GREAT – Evolution After 13 Years
  • Mitsubishi’s Tama Design Center Is Completed! – Design Headquarters and a Site for Open Exchanges
  • Ford F-150 – New King Ascends to the Throne
  • Challenge to Ultra-small Eco-vehicle
    • NCV21 – A Next Generation Ultra-small Vehicle Concept by the Waseda University Mobility Research Institute
    • Eco-vehicle Graffiti
    • Honda “ICVS”/A Local Transport System for the Near Future
  • The RMIT Vehicle Styling Course – The First Master of Design Course in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Audi Design Award “Life in Motion” – International Competition
  • The Printer as a Machine Assisting the Creative Work – A Seiko Epson/ ACCD(E) Student Project
  • Theme: YUU – The 8th International Design Competition, Osaka
  • Design Volanis – Designs That Anticipate Consumer Demands

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