Volume 105 (March 1995)


1995 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· “Golden Marker Trophy” Presented to Four Companies!


o The “Distance” Between Designers and the Production Site

· Accepting Again Essays on “100 Proposals for 21st Century”

· North American International Auto Show 1995

o Best Ever Detroit Before a Best Year

§ Chrysler ATLANTIC

§ Plymouth BACK PACK, Eagle JAZZ

§ Chrysler Minivans

§ Ford GT90

§ Lincoln L2K, Ford TRITON, Ford SHOSTAR


§ Buick XP 2000

§ Oldsmobile BRAVADA

§ Pontiac Grand Prix 300GPX

§ Oldsmobile ANTARES

§ Hyundai HCD-III

§ Acura CL-X

§ Acura NSX-T

§ Other Products

· 1995 LA Auto Show

o The Active US Market

· Lancia K – High Performance in an Unassuming Appearance

· Opel TIGRA – The First Small Coupe in a Good While

· Dodge AVENGER/Chrysler SEBRING – Sporty 5-door Coupe Designed by Chrysler, and Engineer and Built by Mitsubishi for Chrysler

· Mitsubishi DIAMANTE – Completely Refined With Emphasis on Aerodynamics

· Mitsubishi PAJERO MINI – A “Reduced Copy” of the Pajero Is Finally Here!

· Nissan PULSAR – Nissan S-Class Is Now Grown-up

· Nisan RASHEEN – Hybrid 4×4 From the City to Nature

· Isuzu GIGA – Truck Design Based on the Human Concept

· International Car Design Competition ‘95

o Announcing the Winners/Grand Prize Goes to Yuji Ogawa and Miho Iwamoto!

· International Car Design Competition ‘96

o Theme: “Off-road Vehicles for the 21st Century”

· Has a Breakthrough Been Found?

o Ambitious Attempts in Car Design

· National Corvette Museum

· Toyota Range 2002 – CCS Thesis Project

· CAID Seminar for Designers

o Final Chapter: Secrets for the Successful Introduction of CAID

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