Volume 094 (May 1993)


1993 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Gallery

o “Afterimage” Silk Screens by Kohmei Hanaoka


o Diversity of Uniformity – On the Internationalization of Car Design


o Many Ideas for Braving the Tough Times

§ Bugatti/italdesign EB112


§ Coggiola ‘93

§ De Tomaso GUARÁ

§ BMW Z13

§ Renault RACOON

· Peugeot 306 – Will It Be a Pillar for a Strategy of Expansion?

· Citroën XANTIA – A Shift in the Citroën Style

· Ford MONDEO – Global Car on Which FoE bet its Future

· Nissan Diesel CONDOR – The First Major Renovation in 10 Years

· Graduation Works for Japanese Design Schools 1993

· “2010 Family Vehicle” Project, Where Function Follows Form/Implemented by Pratt Institute Students

· Next Generation NSX and a Tokyo Car – TCA’s Company-supported Project

· Design Seminar by Larry Shinoda in Indonesia

· “Japan Industrial Design Conference” in Commemoration of JIDA’s 40th Anniversary

· Heffernan Design Associates – Provides of Supercar Design in the British Style

· The Internationalization of Design Center in Japanese firms: in the Case of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation IDC

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