Volume 088 (May 1992)


1992 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· 62e Salon International Del’ Auto Genéve

o Opel TWIN

o Bertone BLITZ

· Alfa Romeo 155 – Alfa Romeo’s First Mid-class FWD Sports Sedan

· Mercedes-Benz 500/600 SEC – The Ultimate Grand Coupe

· Enfini MS-8 – A Personal Saloon Rich in New Proposals

· Honda CR-X “Del Sol” – A Sports Car with New Sense of Value


· Toyota CORONA/CARINA E – A New Strategic Car for Europe

· Design Comparison/Daihatsu OPTI & Subaru VIVIO

· Contemplating on the Future of Electric Vehicles


· Hyundai HCD-1 – First Work of the California Design Studio

· F-150 for the Year 2000 – ACCD students Project Sponsored by Ford/3M

· Graduation Works of Japanese Design Schools

· The World of Syd Mead Incarnated

o The Works of “NID” A Partnership Supporting Syd Mead

· American Independent Design and Research Company IAD West Coast, Inc.

· Car Modeling Seminar

o Chapter 8: 3-dimensional Design of the Interior

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