Volume 084 (September 1991)


1991 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Volkswagen VARIO I and II

· I·DE·A CAD System – Integrated Design of Product and Production Line

· Tribute to Dave Holls/39 Years of Design Life of Dave Holls

· American Independent Design and Research Company

o Industrial Design Research, Inc. – Laguna Beach, CA

· Nissan CEDRIC/GLORIA – A Luxury Car for the Sensible

· Toyota COROLLA/SPRINTER – Seeking Quality as a World Car

· Renault ESPACE – The Most Popular Brand in the European Minivan Market

· Nissan Vanette SERENA – Another Mid-engine MPV

· Mitsubishi CHARIOT – Reborn After Seven Years

· Minolta -7xi – The Ultimate Hyper SLR

· International Car Design Competition ‘92/75 Qualified and the Final Announcement on January 9!

· ACCD(E) Impact


o “Trigem 386-SX” Korean-made Laptop Computer Designed by Lunar

o Seiko Design Exhibition

o “Bio-Tables II” – Playoffice System

· Depro Design and Nara Sports Ski Boots

· Car Modeling Seminar

o Chapter 5: Techniques of Polishing Up

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