Volume 083 (July 1991)


1991 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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o The Critical Issues for the 1990’s – American Iron and Steel Institute Forum

· American Independent Design and Research Company

o CDI Design Concepts

· David R. Holls, GM’s Director of Design, Retires

· Paolo Segota – A Product Designer Enthralled by Bugatti

· Citroën ZX – A Strategic Car Designed by Marketing

· Seat TOLEDO – A Spanish Manufacturer Takes Its First Step Towards a New Era

· Honda Beat – Has the Age of Amusement Arrived?

· Mazda SENTIA – An Elegant Stride Forward From the Luce

· Eunos PRESSO – Discover the Fun to Drive a Coupe

· Toyota SOARER/LEXUS Coupe and New CALTY’s Power

o New SOARER/LEXUS COUPE – Originated in Calty

· The New Calty – Facilities and Unknown Projects

· Isuzu-ACCD Project “The Personal Car of the 21st Century”

· Phoenix Product Design – A Successful Design Team From Germany

· Car Modeling Seminar

o Chapter 4: Sensory Modeling

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