Volume 079 (November 1990)


1990 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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o Object Gear: Saburo Suzuki

· 1991 GM Full Size B&C Body Cars – “New American Dream”

· Honda NSX – A new Value Set for Sports Cars

· New Approaches Seen in the Market Oriented Designs of the Latest Popular Japanese Cars

· Aerodynamic Design Wins the Championship

o Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II

· Bicycle and City Bus – Fachhochschule Kiel Students’ Projects

· A Good Medicine Tastes Bitter Part 2/Dr. Worfgang Reitzle Talks About Japanese Cars

· “Tokyo Design Network” Established – Cross-industry Design Activity

· Antoine Volanis – A Greek Designer Succeeds in France

· Interview With Antoine Volanis: “Design is the Balance of Quality, Quality and Function”

· 21st Century’s Automobile proposed by the “Yamanaku-Juku”

o Mobility Design Seminar at Waseda University

· Changes in the Results of the Car Design competition

· Car Modeling Seminar/Prologue: Modeling work and the Modeler

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