Volume 076 (May 1990)


1990 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Italdesign KENSINGTON – Giugiaro’s Interpretation of Tradition and Heritage

· Ghia ZIG/ZAG – Ford’s Small Car Market Research

· Fiat TEMPRA – An Italian Mid-class Sedan

· Alfa Romeo 33 – Facelift and a New Engine

· Peugeot 605 – A New French Flagship

· Toyota PREVIA and Its Design Team CALTY

o Toyota PREVIA – A New Age Family Vehicle

o CALTY – Activities of the Toyota Design Think Tank

o Executive Vice President Hiroaki Ohba Discusses – The Calty of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

· Isuzu GEMINI – Evolved Isuzu Identity

· Toyota SERA – “Planned” Created by the Y Project Team

· New Japanese Basic Personal Transportation 660 KEI Cars

· Isuzu-RCA Project/2010 Intercontinental Truck

· ACCD Student Project/Design Mitsubishi Eclipse for the Year 2000

· Graduation Work of Design Students

· DESIGN WATCH/The Water Front Designers

o Toshiba Advanced Design Exhibition


o The Design Strategy of the Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

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