Volume 066 (September 1988)


1988 Edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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· Automobile Artist Kenneth Melville


o That Something Japanes

· PPG FERRARI – Indy Pace Car by I·DE·A

· Promotion Design – Up and coming Designers in Torino

· IAD – Europe’s Largest Auto Development Consultant

· The Terrace back 5-door Syndrome in Japan

· Yue Loong Engineering Center Developed Feeling

· Minolta α-7700i – Truly Intelligent Camera

· Don’t Numb Sensibilities With High-tech! – Hans Muth Speaks Out

· “Designer” Engine – ACCD Students Propose

· Industry-education Cooperation Design Projects in Japan

o Tama Art University 3D Design Majors’ Graduation Projects


o Listening to Sound in Shape – GK Proposals for Audio Design

· Information

· The Rapture Induced by the Work of Lenclos

· The GEOGRAPHY OF COLOR/Park 3 Products, Graphics, Textile, living Surfaces

· The Language of Color

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