Colani: Volume 4


2010 edition. Full Color. 120 Pages.

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Introducing the latest Car Styling Magazine Special Edition, featuring the designs of the world-famous Luigi Colani. This is Colani’s fourth Special Edition Volume (Vol. #1~3 have been sold out for years!) produced by Car Styling Magazine. Besides showcasing his genius related to concept-design, this edition discusses his brilliant work ranging from architecture to radical mass-transit vehicles to sleek furniture. Also features Colani’s product design and chronology. Published on July 2010.


    • A Personal Vision of the “Bio-City” – After a Long Detour, a Reunion with Colani Design
  • Architecture
    • Skyscrapers Rotorhaus
  • Luigi Colani – Concept Design Prodigy
  • Transportation Design of Tomorrow
    • Airplane: China Model Expo 2010: Two Colani Aircraft Exhibited
    • Ship, Automobile, Motorcycle
  • Colani Chairs
  • Realized Product Design
    • “Spork” Cutlery
    • Canon “5 Systems” Concepts
  • My Collection of Colani Goods
  • A Luigi Colani Exhibit in Qingdao, China: “Nature Has Always Been My Inspiration” – Luigi Colani
  • Luigi Colani Chronology


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